Workplace Designer Certificate Program

Would you like become a workplace designer?

Even if you are not a trained designer, you can learn the essential skills and knowledge to launch a career in the exciting, growing field of workplace design.

More than ever, workplace designers are in demand to help clients save money while attracting and retaining the best employees. Workplace designers can be self-employed, or can work in design firms, at office furniture dealerships, or in facilities departments at large companies.

Give us five months…

AreaLogic Workplace Academy’s convenient, online immersion program will teach you the essential knowledge and skills required to launch a career as a workplace designer at a much lower cost and in a much shorter time than a traditional college. The program is offered three times per year and class size is limited to focus on learning and ensure that every student has an opportunity to participate. Students who complete the course receive a Workplace Designer Certificate to promote their qualifications.

Our program covers all the tasks that workplace designers perform such as programming, space planning, furniture selection, ceiling & lighting design, millwork design, and finish material selection. The curriculum consists of four courses that are taken sequentially over five months. Courses A, B, and C each meet weekly for four weeks. Then course D meets weekly for eight weeks. Each online session is two hours. Here is a brief outline. See the link to the Program Detail PDF in Resource for more information.

The Curriculum

A – Design Principles and Revit LT Fundamentals

This course provides students an overview of interior design principles and builds essential CAD skills by designing a small office project in Revit LT. (One session per week for four weeks.)

B – General Workplace Knowledge

This course is an overview of workplace history, types, processes, furniture, and strategies. We also review workplace tools, career opportunities and responsibilities. (One session per week for four weeks.)

C – Building Systems

The next course provides a basic understanding of interior building systems that apply to workplace design, including structure, walls, ceilings, doors, MEP/FP, lighting, millwork, and finishes. Students apply building systems information to the office project from Course A. (One session per week for four weeks.)

D – Workplace Projects

In the final course, students design three workplace projects to practice what they have learned plus gain experience in additional Revit LT features such as schedules and rendering. (One session per week for eight weeks.)

Format and Tuition

Dr. Margaret Serrato conducts all sessions online in real time. The exact day and time of the sessions will be arranged to accommodate the students’ schedule. Students should expect to spend an additional one to five hours working offline to complete assignments.

The tuition for the program is $3,000. Payments for each course are due before the first session begins. Students who are already designers and can demonstrate proficiency in Revit LT may be exempted from Course A, so their tuition is $2,400.


Students who complete the course receive a Workplace Design Certificate, a letter of recommendation, plus assistance with their resume, portfolio, and online presence. Students will also be included on the AreaLogic Certified Workplace Designer website with links to their portfolio and contact information.