What Our Clients Are Saying

“RAND throughout its 70+ year history has viewed office space design as a strategic enabler of research innovation. When the opportunity came to reimagine our approach, Margaret brought her research expertise, insight and design experience to help us develop our next generation workplace.”

Margaret worked with RAND to create a strategy for free-address flex offices and desks. The pilot project garnered very positive results from users, and the strategy has since been used to convert several more sites to free-address workplaces.

Donn Williams,

RAND Corporation

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“Dr. Margaret has provided to John Deere deep insights into the evolving environment of the corporate workplace. Her ability to synthesize this evolution for the perspective of company leaders has been highly valuable as John Deere has determined the future direction of their offices throughout the company.”

Margaret worked with John Deere to pilot and evaluate several alternative workplace strategies for their iconic Saarinen campus in Moline, and other US and Canadian sites. The wide range of work also included several Agile / Scrum projects.

Matthew M. Fuelling, AIA,

Deere & Company

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“It was a pleasure working with Margaret as well as an eye opening experience not only for my company but for me professionally. Margaret’s knowledge and recommendations are relayed through experience, stories, and fantastic candor. After a casual introduction at Neocon, the impression she left stuck with me and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to collaborate with her. I was elated to place the call, hop a plane, and start the journey with Margaret through research and discovery that has, and will continue, to make a lasting impression on ‘how we work’. Margaret is top notch and quite frankly, an inspiration to not only our corporation, but to myself personally and professionally. “

Margaret worked with the BECU (Boeing Credit Union) team to conduct a space utilization study, gather employee input, and create a new strategy for a free-address, activity based workplace. Deployment of the strategy is underway.

Joie Missiaen,

BECU (Boeing Credit Union)

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“Margaret’s profound knowledge and insight have become a foundation of our understanding of workplace development.”

Margaret worked with Wells Fargo across several projects to create new workplaces that supported mobile and resident work styles.

Carol Bailis,

Wells Fargo

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“From the first time I met Margaret back in 2012, she shaped my understanding of space and human behavior. Her insights and research have become an integral part of how I think about the ways that we support work.”

Margaret worked with Wells Fargo across several projects to create new workplaces that supported mobile and resident work styles.

Caroliny Pelley,

Wells Fargo

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Margaret Serrato for nearly 10 years, as Herman Miller’s Workplace Strategist. Margaret was instrumental in helping many of our Iowa and South Dakota based customers connect their vision to their workplace strategy. She is masterful at simplifying the process, connecting data points for success and providing real world examples. I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone that is looking to make a change in their work environment that will positively impact people, culture and the profitability of their organization. “

Margaret provided a wide range of workplace thought leadership and design services to Pigott, a Herman Miller Certified Dealer. In particular, Margaret worked on several high profile projects with large clients including John Deere, Aegon Transamerica, and the Principal Financial Group.

Tami Anderson,

Pigott, a Herman Miller Certified Dealer

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Additional Clients

Dr. Margaret’s additional clients cover a range of leading corporate, educational, and health care organizations. Project types include conventional, progressive, and Scrum design, with services ranging from space utilization studies and scenario & settings development, to conceptual planning and Space Syntax analysis.

Aegon Transamerica
Columbia University Irving Medical Center
Empowered Benefits (AFLAC)
Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Northeastern University
Principal Financial Group
The Harford Insurance Group
University of Chicago Medicine
University of Wisconsin Health Systems