Workplace Surveys

AreaLogic has a great collection of workplace surveys that can be deployed across your organization to evaluate the effectiveness of your workplace design strategy.

AreaLogic can deploy surveys and analyze the data for you, or you can incorporate the questions into your own surveys.

Questions can be added to filter and analyze data, such as building, floor, or department.

Survey PRE and POST Versions

PRE & POST surveys are designed to be used before and after a move to a new workplace.

POST ONLY surveys can be used when a PRE survey was not conducted. It asks users to compare their former workplace with their new workplace on selected variables.

All surveys are available in both PRE & POST and POST ONLY versions.

Survey Types

Typical Workplace Drivers

Six to nine questions based on Engagement, Innovation, and Utilization, or we can customize the survey to align with your goals and business drivers.


Fourteen questions based on standard categories of Biophilia.

WELL Building

Twenty two questions based on WELL Building V2 categories.

For more information about survey types and fees, please contact