Scrum Team Space

Join us for this one-hour course that highlights the five basic settings that scrum and other agile teams need to balance individual, focused work with group, collaborative work. Four case studies will illustrate how the settings were used in different size projects. You will learn the fifteen critical questions that should be part of your programming process. And you will learn best practices for addressing noise, distraction, technology, and future flexibility,

Your Instructor

Dr. Margaret Serrato is a registered architect and Certified Scrum Master who has programmed and designed scrum workplaces for AT&T, John Deere, Motley Fool, Empowered Benefits, Steelray, Total Systems, and others.

Course Outline

  • Scrum Settings – review the five basic types of spaces for scrum teams.
  • Scrum Projects – see how the five space types were used in four recent scrum projects.
  • Scrum Programming – learn the 15 critical questions that constitute a scrum program.
  • Scrum Space Challenges – see ways to address noise, cabling, costs, and change communication.

Next Sessions for Spring 2021

  • February – pending. Contact for dates.

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