Agile / Scrum Workplace Design

Is your organization about to design new workplace for your agile teams? If so, you may have many questions about how to create the best space possible. How can you balance the need for individual, focused work with group, collaborative work? How can you address issues of noise, distraction, technology, flexibility, change management and costs?

At Arealogic, we have developed a proven design process for addressing these complex issues using a combination of 15 critical programming questions and 5 workplace settings. The settings are arranged in your space is ways that balance need for focused and collaborative work.

Five Basic Agile Settings

Complimentary Agile / Scrum Presentation

Arealogic offers a free, real-time webinar to clients who are interested in learning more about Agile / Scrum design process. Please contact us to arrange this 45 minute webinar.

1 – Agile Settings – 5 basic agile settings with examples, features, and goals. (5 minutes)
2 – Agile Projects – 7 recent agile workplace projects and the lessons learned. (15 minutes)
3 – Agile Questions – 15 critical design questions with possible responses. (15 minutes)
4 – Design Challenges – how to deal with noise, cabling, and cost. (10 minutes)